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In consonance with Egypt’s rising concern for energy management, Environics focused on the need for a balanced energy transition from depletable to renewable resources. To that end, Environics undertook several policy-oriented activities and renewable energy projects and interventions, such as:

  • Studies on several priority topics, such as: renewable energy and its prospects; energy efficiency and its potential; energy competitiveness; sustainability of energy resources; cleaner production strategy and action plan, and energy consumption indicator system
  • Projects on photovoltaic energy; concentrated solar power; biomass, and small waste to energy units
  • Project focused on capturing and capitalizing on waste energy


Environics has contributed to cleaner industrial development through EIA studies and evaluations; HSE management and pollution abatement projects, and risk assessment studies. Example projects include:

  • Comprehensive and scoped EIAs for a wide range of industries, such as: metals; cement; glass; plaster; ceramics; chemicals; fertilizers; pharmaceuticals, and foods.
  • HSE management systems and audits for several industries, such as: chemicals; pharmaceuticals; electric appliances; plastic; cosmetics; metals; vehicles; confectionary; packaging, and brickworks.
  • Pollution abatement projects for several industrial facilities in fields such as: metals; chemicals; fertilizers; detergents; paints; cement; foods; dairy; grain milling; carbon beverages; fruit and vegetable processing; heating and air-conditioning; furniture; tanneries; galvanization; metallurgy; textiles, and brickworks.
  • Risk assessment studies of chemical plants and refineries (QRA, HAZIP, and HAZOP).


Environics has carried out EIAs and ESIAs for diverse and significant infrastructure projects. These projects include roads and transportation, water and wastewater treatment, waste treatment and disposal, energy generation and transmission, petroleum storage and transportation, and port construction.


Environics has been actively involved in the design, construction, and operation phases of several mining projects, and has provided technical support to the mining industry through carrying out comprehensive EIAs, ESIAs, HSE studies, and economic studies. The firm has also conducted specific studies and surveys for some projects, such as: surface and ground water study; faunal assessment; hydrological survey, and public participation.

Oil and Gas

Environics has provided support to the oil and gas sector through:

  • Carrying out comprehensive EIAs, ESIAs, and environmental profiles.
  • Designing and implementing HSE management systems and audits.
  • Designing and implementing waste management projects.
  • Conducting risk assessment studies.

Projects that the firm has completed include:

  • EIAs and ESIAs for: refineries; natural gas complexes; natural gas liquids; off-shore deep marine projects; on-shore gas processing plants; drilling projects, and petrochemical production plants.
  • Environmental profiles and surveys for several oil and gas projects describing and analyzing aspects, such as: soil; air; surface, marine, and ground waters, and noise.
  • Establishment of HSEM systems at petroleum production sites.
  • HSE, EMS, and social audits for oil, gas and LNG production sites, refineries, on-shore and off-shore facilities, concessions, petrol stations.
  • Development of a toxic release inventory for the Egyptian refineries.
  • QRA and HAZOP studies for oil refineries.
  • Design and management requirements for waste storage facilities of an LNG complex.
  • Audits of the waste management systems of a petroleum companies.


Environics has provided several environmental services to the tourism industry, such as IEIAs and ESIAs, terrestrial and marine biodiversity studies, ecological assessments, tourism development and coastal zone management studies. Studies and projects serving this sector include:

  • IEIAs and ESIAs for several touristic resorts, marinas, hotels, and development projects of areas of exceptional environmental value.
  • Conceptual development studies for touristic projects.
  • Social assessments of the impacts of development projects on the neighbouring touristic areas.