Mohammad Rashad Tantawy

HAZOP Chairman

Diploma in petroleum refining; Rumanian Pet. Inst. Ploiesti.

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering; Cairo University

 Eng. Tantawy is a chemical engineer with over 40 years of experience in process engineering; engineering management; PMC; commissioning and startup, and HAZOP. His experience includes serving as HAZOP Chairman for several studies carried out by oil and gas and petrochemical companies. He has worked for several multinational companies, especially in the Arab Gulf region. His experience covers green and brown root projects, as well as training and mentoring. He has excellent experience in leading and coordinating engineering teams of different disciplines, as well as using various softwares and technical systems, including HYSYS and VMG for steady-state modelling. Moreover, he has wide experience performing process-engineering designs for FEED, and detailed engineering. He has developed his own tool for HAZOP analysis and is a Certified Energy Manager by the American Energy Engineers.