Mohammed Khairy

Environmental Consultant

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Mohammed Khairy has over 7 years of experience in environmental management, participating in several Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies for various projects, and taking part in baseline surveys, data analyses, report preparation and background desk studies.  He has participated in numerous auditing activities, including Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) compliance audits and due diligence studies. He has carried out wastewater inventory, sampling and analysis, as well as detailed layout representation of wastewater routings in existing facilities. He has also taken part in soil/sediment/water sampling, and air quality sampling and has conducted several researches for developing environmental goals through recycling and reusing.  He has participated in a large number of several public consultation/disclosure and scoping meetings to draw conclusions of public awareness and report local community demands regarding environmental and social concerns.

Eng. Khairy received trainings in life cycle assessment (LCA) industrial energy efficiency (UNIDO), energy management, risk assessment and behavioural based safety training.