Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Protected Areas

  • Investigations and evaluations of environmental conditions
  • Ecological assessment and biodiversity and ecosystem conservation of terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments.
  • Technical assistance to the Government of Egypt concerning natural resources conservation.
  • Terrestrial ecological studies of coastal and desert environments
  • Marine ecological assessments in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea
  • Aquatic ecological assessments focused on the Nile and a number of lakes including Lake Manzala, Lake Burullus, Lake Qaroun and Lake Nasser.
  • Tailored methodologies and standards for monitoring various ecosystems.
  • Establishment, planning, management effectiveness, and best practices for protected areas.
  • Physical, biological and social site investigations for protected areas.
  • Economic and financial sustainability plans for management and development of protected areas.
  • Within the scope of national and international regulations, agreements and conventions.
  • Studies of inland, coastal and lacustrine protectorates.
  • Extensive experience in International Funding Institutions requirements, including Biodiversity Impact Assessment, Critical Habitat Assessment, Assessment of Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity Action Plans and Biodiversity Offsets.

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