Environics Team Members

Members of Board

Yasser Sherif

Managing Director

Salah Hafez


Principal Consultants

Amani Nadim

Principal Environmental Consultant and Technical Manager

Ola Kamal

Environmental Management and Pollution Abatement Principal Consultant

Anwar Sarwat

Principal Consultant, Ecology and Environmental Management

Consultants, Specialists and Researchers

Mohamed Labib

Senior Environmental Consultant

Shady Naguib

Senior Environmental Consultant

Rania Mohsen

Senior Environmental Consultant

Mohammed Khairy

Senior Environmental Consultant

Sarah Magdy Mostafa

Senior Environmental Consultant

Mahmoud Omar

Environmental Consultant / Marine Ecologist

Ragui Rafik Nemeh

Environmental Specialist

Nahla Zakariya

Senior Environmental Researcher

Nada Ashraf

Environmental Specialist

Mostafa Gouda

Environmental Planning and GIS Associate Consultant

Amina Soliman

Environmental Specialist


Dalia Nakhla

Environmental Engineering and Management Principal Consultant

Hanaa El Gohary

Social Expert

Shadia Elshishini

Industrial Expert

Sameh Atiya Sakr

Hydrology and Hydrogeology Expert

Ahmed Zaki

Environmental Engineering Consultant

Mohamed Salah ElSobki

Energy Management Expert

AbdAllah El Etreby

Solid Waste Management and Community Participation Expert

Gehad Abo El-Ata

Occupational and Environment Medicine Expert

Hamed Korkor

Energy Expert

Raghda Fawzy

HR Expert

Samir Abohadima

Hydrodynamic Modeling Expert

Sherif Baha El Din

Ecology and Ornithology Expert

Tamer A.Hamid Gadallah

HSE Principal Consultant

Usama Ahmed Faramawy

Air Modelling Expert

Wazir Abdel-Wahab

Archaeology and Egyptology Expert