Wazir Abdel-Wahab

Archaeology and Egyptology Expert

PhD in Egyptology, Leiden University, Netherlands and Cairo University, Egypt

MA in Egyptology, Cairo University, Egypt

BA in Egyptology, Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Wazir is a Professor of Ancient Egyptian Civilization and Archeology at the Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University. He has also taught at Cairo University, as well as different tourism colleges and institutes. Dr. Wazir has extensive practical and theoretical research experience in the field of Egyptian Archeology. He has worked as a researcher in the Egyptology Department of the Dutch Institute for Egyptian Archeology in Cairo, as well as the Egyptology Department of Lieden University, Holland. He is the author of a large number of publications related to his field of specialization.

Dr. Wazir has cooperated with Environics to carry out the archeological surveys, assessments and evaluation of impacts relevant to several development projects in various sectors, including: the ESIA for Sukari Gold Mine, Marsa Alam; ESIA for Abu Dabbab Mine, Red Sea Governorate, and the Archeological Survey within the scope of West Sitra Environmental Profile Study. He has also undertaken an archeological survey for the Farafra, Dakhla and Kharja oases for the Ecotourism for Sustainable Development in New Valley Project, Cooperazione Internazionale ISS Sud Sud.