Usama Ahmed Faramawy

Air Modelling Expert

M.Sc. in Meteorology, Cairo University, Egypt

Diploma in Meteorology, Cairo University, Egypt

B.Sc. in Physics, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Usama Faramay has over 33 years of experience in Numerical weather prediction, Air Quality Early Warning System (meteorological model & all types of air quality models 2 D& 3 D), emission inventory projects. His experience encompasses a wide range of environmental consultancy studies, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies, screening and scoping studies, and managing ambient air quality monitoring networks. His academic experience includes a Master degree in Meteorology (An Adviction Scheme for Primitive Equation NWP Model), a Meteorology Diploma, as well as a lot of publications in the international magazines relevant to the meteorological science. HE is a Certified Air Dispersion Modeling Consultant from the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).