Hanaa El Gohary

Social Expert

PhD in Sociology, Cairo University, Egypt

MA in Sociology, Cairo University, Egypt

BA in Sociology, Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. El Gohary has over 25 years of experience as a Sociologist and Social Development Expert. She is a Sociology Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University and has been the director of the university’s Social Research Studies Center for 6 years.  Dr. El Gohary has had extensive experience working on numerous projects with various national and international organizations, especially in the areas of: conducting social impact assessment; monitoring and evaluation; sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation approaches; urban studies; informal sector’s activities and settlements; gender and development; reform of basic education; quality of life and development indicators, and social aspects of environmental management.

Dr. El Gohary is particularly qualified in: conducting social impact, beneficiary assessment and social feasibility studies; running intensive public consultation for community environmental issues using qualitative and quantitative methods; conducting extensive social surveys in urban, as well as slum areas throughout Egypt; use of participatory rapid appraisal methods; conducting evaluation and participatory monitoring studies of development projects, and training of social surveyors and field researchers on qualitative and quantitative tools. Dr. El Gohary has also carried out various social baseline and assessment projects, and her regional work experience extends to Yemen, United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman.