Samir Abohadima

Hydrodynamic Modeling Expert

PhD in “Nonlinear Numerical Models of Wave Transformation in the Shallow Water Region”, Tokyo University (Coastal Eng. Laboratory), Japan

M.Sc. in “Parabolic Equations of Depth Refraction and Diffraction of Surface Gravity Water Waves”, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

B.Sc. in Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Abohadima has over 27 years of experience in the areas of mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and fluid mechanics. He is a professor at the Engineering Mathematics Department of Cairo University. He founded and served as General Manager for the Cairo Branch of Applied Science International Company (ASI) of USA for more than 14 years, where he managed the implementation of many engineering softwares.

He has participated in several worldwide projects that included mathematical modeling and simulation covering: hydrodynamic models, tidal currents analysis, extreme wind and wave analysis, water quality models, wave models, sediment transport, oil spill modeling, induced currents, environment impact, power plant intakes and outfalls, desalination plants, sewage outfalls, marina flashing and shoreline movement. Dr. Abohadima has excellent experience in finite difference, finite element, and different mathematical tools used in numerical simulation.

Pursuing his PhD degree at the Civil Engineering Department, Tokyo University, Japan, Dr. Ahohadima developed Nonlinear Numerical Model of Wave Transformation in Shallow Water Region and solved a system of highly nonlinear variable coefficient partial differential equations using finite difference method. Besides modeling projects in Egypt, Dr. Abohadima worked on many projects in: Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Emirate, Philippines, Bulgaria, and Mozambique.

Academically, Dr. Abohadmia supervised many graduate research theses at Cairo University. His area of research mainly focuses on mathematical and numerical simulations and solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations using different approaches.