AbdAllah El Etreby

Solid Waste Management and Community Participation Expert

B.Sc. in Chemistry, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

AbdAllah El Etreby has 35 years of experience as a community mobilization and participation specialist, with extensive experience in solid waste management. His experience encompasses: Conducting qualitative and quantitative environmental and waste management research, identifying community service needs, and assessing quality, types and capacities of equipment to meet these needs; Designing new and improved solid waste management strategies and systems (including waste collection, transportation and transfer stations design) that meet community needs, environmental requirements, and resource constraints; Providing technical training for official solid waste management staff, including waste collection, transportation, recycling and different ways of disposal; Conducting study tours for representatives of NGOs, municipalities and environmental offices from MENA countries to introduce them to recycling activities in Egypt and help them promote the involvement of the poor in similar economic activities in their own countries; Managing the operations of a number of composting plants, marketing their products, and evaluating their performance.

Moreover, El Etreby’s experience encompasses participating in developing the Social Fund for Development’s Year-One Public Works implementation program; Supervising the implementation of a system to track changes in the size and status of enterprises in seven governorates of Egypt receiving loans from USAID’s Small and Micro Enterprise Development Program, and Monitoring the use of non-expendable equipment allocated by USAID to projects all over Egypt. He has carried out numerous consultancy services for both public and private sector organizations and international and donor agencies.