Sherif Baha El Din

Ecology and Ornithology Expert

PhD in Ecology, Nottingham University, UK

M.Sc. in Urban and Regional Environmental Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

BA in Design, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Sherif has over 25 years of professional experience as a consultant and in management positions gaining a wide range of experience in the field of environmental and natural resources management, including: Ecotourism and Conservation Strategy Development, Environmental Impact Assessment, Terrestrial Ecology, Biodiversity Offsets, Habitat Restoration, Protected Area Management and Planning, Natural Resources Monitoring, Wildlife Management, Resource Evaluation and Valuation, as well as Environmental Education.

Dr. Sherif has managed and carried out numerous studies, comprising the following activities: Statistical Analysis, GIS, Ecological Field Techniques, Taxonomy (with special interest in Ornithology and Herpetology) and Habitat Delineation.

Dr. Sherif published more than 80 scientific papers and articles in international journals along with over 60 unpublished technical reports.  Also, he authored, coauthored and illustrated seven books on the natural history and ecology as well as added new scientific descriptions for 8 Herpetofauna species.