Air Dispersion Modeling of Stack Emission of Galaxy Chemicals Egypt Company


Galaxy Chemicals Egypt operates a plant that produces surfactants and materials used for personal care products in the Public Free Zone of Ataqa, Suez Governorate. To abide by the environmental approvals the company got for the plant, two air emissions stacks were constructed. The heights of both stacks had to be reduced to comply with the limits stipulated by the decrees of the Ministry of Defense, due to the sensitive military location of Ataqa. This reduction could increase the emission concentrations in ambient air.

Galaxy commissioned Environics to carry out air dispersion modeling for the emissions of the stacks.

Environics conducted site investigations and collected the data required for air dispersion modeling, namely, the meteorological conditions, the emissions parameters, and the location data. The final report presented and analyzed the data, and concluded the status of the compliance of the new stacks with the governing regulations.

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