Assessment of Pollution Loads and Cumulative Impacts of Emissions from Cement Cluster, Beni Suef


The Governorate of Beni Suef wanted to carry out an assessment of the pollution loads and cumulative impacts of emissions caused by the cement cluster in the governorate, which included existing and planned factories. Environics was commissioned by carry out the assessment.

To fulfill the scope of this assignment, Environics conducted a detailed study to assess the potential environmental impacts resulting from the operation of seven new cement plants in Beni Suef industrial area.

The investigated air emissions included suspended particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide, as they represent the expected emissions from the cement plants.

Air dispersion modeling was used to investigate the impact of the cement plant on the air quality within the industrial area and in the surrounding residential areas.

Based on the model results, the study recommended the mitigation measures to be adopted by the cement companies to ensure that the air quality in the surrounding area will not be negatively affected by their production activities.

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