Consultancy Service to Develop a National Policy Framework and Legal Directive/Executive Regulations that Assure the Sustainability of E-waste Management in Egypt

  • The purpose of this assignment is to develop a national policy frame work and legal directive/executive regulations that are based on social and economic cost-benefit analysis and assure the sustainable and environmental sound management of E-waste in Egypt, in compliance with international conventions such as Basel and Stockholm conventions, as well as Egyptian regulations.
  • Environics services include the following tasks:
    • Review the current polices, legislations and international conventions related to the management of e-waste.
    • Review the international laws and regulations on e-waste, which are adopted by other countries.
    • Hold a series of consultation meetings and workshops with relevant stakeholders, including and not limited to (governmental officials, private sector, and NGOs), to strengthen communication and coordination between all parties and unify visions regarding the management of e-waste.
    • Develop a technical report that lists/assesses and reviews the current regulations/conventions and recommends adequate amendments to the national laws/regulations. These amendments are based on social and economic cost-benefit analysis and assure the sustainable management of e-waste, as well as comply with international conventions. This report is the output of consultation meetings, reflecting all discussions.
    • Develop a national policy framework, in both English and Arabic, based on the technical report.
    • Hold a high level consultation session to present the national policy.
    • Develop a legal directive and executive regulation for the relevant laws based on the developed policy framework in both English and Arabic.
    • Hold a workshop for introducing the new draft legal directive and executive regulations.

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