Assessment of the Environmental Compliance of SIDC Industrial Park in Sokhna

  • Suez Industrial Development Company (SIDC) commissioned Environics to assess the environmental compliance of the facilities owned/ operated by SIDC Industrial Park in Sokhna, in accordance with the Environmental law 4/1994 modified by law 105/2015, Workplace Environmental conditions required by labor law 12/2003, and the regulatory standards concerning the use of treated wastewater in irrigation, as addressed in the Egyptian Code No. 501/2015.
  • The scope of the assessment, that aimed at enhancing the environmental performance of the Park on the long term, encompassed the following:
    • Initial documents review to assess the environmental documents available at SIDC, based on the extent to which it meets the requirements of relevant environmental laws and regulations.

Environics analyzed the provided documents, identified the missing/incomplete documents as compared to the legal requirements, as relevant, and prepared the Documents Review Initial Report including findings, applicable legal requirements, as well as compliance status, and submitted it to SIDC.

    • Field Audit that included further document review to verify the findings of the above initial review and walkthrough to observe and record notes on the practices and environmental performance at each of SIDC‟ facilities.
    • Conducting measurements of the workplace aspects, and analysis of the final effluent from the wastewater treatment plants, based on the walkthrough observations. The monitoring plan was adjusted, and the measurements were conducted by a licensed laboratory (EnviroPlus for Environmental Measurements and Consultancy) and supervised by Environics.
  • The observations from the field audit, the findings of document review, the measurements done, as well as the environmental performance of each of SIDC‟s components were all evaluated by Environics to assess the environmental compliance of SIDC‟s facilities. The final assessment report was prepared along with the conclusions and recommendations for SIDC to comply with the applicable national laws.

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