ESMS Management System Training & Implementation Support Programme, and Update of the Operational Management Procedures (OMPs) for West Damietta Combined Cycle Power Plant (DCCPP)

  • In light of EEHC/EDEPC (East Delta Electricity Production Company) support to finalize EBRD Loan Approval, Environics, in association with ERM, was commissioned to provide technical support in 7 training workshops and practical training on the preparation of Environmental reports concerning the implementation of Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management Plans according to EBRD’s reference conditions, as well as update the Operational Management Procedures (OMPs) for West Damietta Combined Cycle Power Plant (DCCPP).
  • The scope of work entailed: desktop review of all relevant documents (i.e. Environmental Permits,  Operational Monitoring Programme Manual, Lender Operational Environmental & Social Self-Management Reports (ESSMRs), Legal requirements, protocols, etc. ), preparation and follow-up on the Lender’s audit reports, meetings with the management and relevant personnel, field visits to DCCPP, trainings and follow-ups, review and update of draft Operational E&S Management Procedures (OMPS), and development of Action Plan.
  • The assignment encompassed the following activities:
    • AN INITIAL TRAINING WORKSHOP IN CAIRO, to provide overview and initial understanding of the project context, including: brief review of IFC Performance standards, Key Lender requirements (including ESAP and periodic reporting), existing E&S Management System Documents and the way forward for implementation including roles and responsibilities.
    • UPDATE ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH & SAFETY (EHS) MANAGEMENT DOCUMENTATION, to finalise the Damietta West document set for the EHS Management System, that forms the basis of the training modules for launch and implementation.

Through discussions and visits to the site, Environics adjusted Damietta West draft documentation sets (Operational Management Procedures (OMPs) & other relevant documentation) received from EEHC to align with site practices, equipment and management authorities/ roles and responsibilities (‘ground truthed’).

The following E&S Management System documents were reviewed and updated: Environmental and Social Management Manual (ESMM), EHS Incident Investigation and Reporting, Monitoring Program Manual, Permit Register, Air Emissions Management, Waste Management, Wastewater Management, Occupational Health Management, Confined Spaces, Working at Height, Electrical Works, Hot Works, Permit to Work (PTW), and Emergency Response.

Environics ensured the involvement of EDEPC/EEHC Project and Site management, including Heads of Operations and Maintenance at the site, in the site-based workshops to adapt and update the procedures, and enable ownership at the local level.


As the site level personnel required coaching support to understand how to implement a continual way of working that satisfies compliance to the procedures, the following activities were carried out to deliver capacity building aspects:

      • Providing several Training sessions at DCCPP on how to implement the management system.
      • Revisiting the site for Training Follow-up and implementation assessment.
      • Additional site coaching with Q&A, and a checklist to inform on-site achievements on implementation.
      • Raising NON-CONFORMITY MANAGEMENT (NCR) aspects within reviews/inspections & walkovers..
      • Responding to the Self-Assessment questionnaires on OMPs developed by the trainees.
      • Conducting End of module assessment based on site interviews, discussions and evidence provided for implementation by the site management team.
      • Drafting an action plan for OES Management Manual (OESMM) Implementation, identifying: the actions required, the basis of the requirement, the timing of the action, and the criteria for determining whether the purpose of the action has been fully achieved, as well as the responsibilities for the implementation of all the actions.

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