Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) for SC Johnson, Egypt

  • SC Johnson Egypt (SCJ) commissioned Environics to carry out Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) for its plant to determine the areas where flammable gas or vapor risks may arise, in order to permit the proper selection and installation of electrical apparatus for use in such areas.
  • Environics carried out a site visit and maintained continuous and iterative interaction with the concerned SCJ teams to prepare this study.  Since no HAC regulations or standards have been developed in Egypt yet, international standards were selected for the study according to the investigated processes and the assessment approach.  International standards applied were the API (American Petroleum Institute) – RP 505 (zone system) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).
  • The scope of the study was confined to normal operation conditions.  It encompassed: production areas, processing area, flammable materials storage and finished product warehouses.

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