Shoreline Stability Study & Defining the Construction Line of Sanabel Resort Project in Marsa Alam

  • Sanabel Co. for Residential and Tourism Development was preparing the qualifying studies to initiate the construction project of Sanabel Resort in Marsa Alam area, South of Qoseir, the Red Sea, and commissioned Environics to prepare the project’s Shoreline Stability Study and Defining the Construction Line of the Resort.
  • Environics reviewed the available documents and admiral maps, and referred to the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) database to obtain relevant information (Storm surges, waves, etc.), as well as analyzed Satellite images to study shoreline changes by comparing the shoreline for different years to determine the status of erosion in the area.
  • In addition, a cadastral survey for the beach part of the project was carried out, a contour map was prepared, and site characteristics and nature of the study area were determined.  The method of calculating Sea Level Rise (SLR) was elaborated (Tides, Sea level rise, Pressure surge, Storm surge & Wave setup), as well as the basis for calculating the construction banning line as per the Shore Protection Authority (SPA) to avoid any risks or threats to the constructions due to erosion or inundation.  Finally, Environics presented a conclusion of the study.


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