Solid Waste Management Study in Mahmoudia and Sidi Ghazi

  • The Egyptian-German Water Management Reform Program (WMRP) has the overall objective to improve the capabilities of the Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation (MWRI), the Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation (MALR) and water users for implementing integrated water resources management for irrigation at various levels (national, regional and local).
  • GIZ has commissioned Environics to conduct a study to strengthen solid waste management at the district/village level in Mahmoudia (Beheira), namely; Markaz of Mahmoudia, Arimon Local Unit and Kafr Nekla Village, by supporting the implementation of a locally adapted Solid Waste Management (SWM) system which leads to improved water quality and flow in irrigation canals and drains.
  • Environics surveyed the current SWM system (technical, financial, regulatory, legal, and environmental status) and provided an overview of the socio-economic conditions in the area around and within the proposed project site.  Then, with the collected information, it prepared a study reflecting the positive and negative aspects, the constraints and sensitivities that could affect project implementation, the obstacles facing solid waste management systems as well as the potential threats to waterways and canals.
  • Based on the findings of field surveys and the results of meetings with primary and secondary stakeholders, taking into account the SWM implementation plan for the project area proposed by other consultants, Environics provided recommendations that addressed technical as well as institutional/capacity building aspects.

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