Study of Wastewater Disposal Options of a Sugar Refinery’s MIS Plant


United Sugar Company of Egypt (USCE) intended to expand the operation of its sugar refinery at Sokhna Port to include a wastewater metropolitan interceptor sewer (MIS) plant.

The MIS plant was to produce 60 – 70 m3/day of effluent with a TDS concentration of approximately 5%.

Environics had prepared the EIA study for the refinery, and USCE commissioned Environics to investigate the wastewater disposal options for the MIS effluent.

Environics investigated three different wastewater disposal options:

1- discharging the treated effluent to the sea using a marine outfall or a marine barge;

2- wastewater injection underground aquifers employing deep or shallow wells;

3- evaporation ponds for the untreated wastewater.

The investigation study included conceptual designs and descriptions of the basic components of each option, with a discussion of the advantages, disadvantages, and estimated costs.

The study recommended resorting to the first option, and Environics prepared a report on the preliminary cost estimates for the marine outfall system.

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