Waste Management Strategy for Urban Regeneration Project for Historic Cairo (URHC)

  • UNESCO’s Urban Regeneration Project for Historic Cairo (URHC) aims at preparing the planning and management tools necessary for the conservation of the heritage values of Historic Cairo, together with its socio-economic revitalization and environmental upgrading.  In the present phase of the project, a pilot field study was needed to highlight the weaknesses and strengths of existing solid waste management (SWM) in a selected area through a comprehensive approach, and propose a first outline for a strategy that addresses waste accumulation and pollution in Historic Cairo.  UNESCO commissioned Environics to carry out the studies required for serving these objectives.
  • Environics has carried out literature review and preliminary site visits and interviews to define the perimeter of the study area for which qualitative and quantitative data was to be collected.  This was followed by the preparation of a work plan and the design of survey forms and questionnaires. Baseline investigations to include the socioeconomic aspects of the area; detailed field surveys and interviews with local communities and key SWM actors, as well as reviews of regional and local previous studies and reports were conducted to arrive at the data analysis stage of the study.  Strengths and weaknesses of the study area were highlighted and a “hot spots” map was developed to present the most important features of the area, based on satellite images. Statistical data analysis was performed and a SWM strategy was prepared accordingly, taking the necessary steps to build upon previous SWM plans and strategies in the area and avoid any possible duplication.  The strategy will include implementation tools which could be extended to the rest of Historic Cairo World Heritage site, after conducting complementary surveys.

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