Wastewater Management for the Gulf of Suez Development Company (GSDC)


The Gulf of Suez Development Company (GSDC) owns and operates an industrial area to the northwest of the Gulf of Suez. The operating plants within the area were Ezz Flat Steel (EFS) and EMAK paper-mill. A glass factory, Saint Gobain, was under construction in the area.

The infrastructure of the wastewater management system in the area had not yet been completed, and the industrial establishments resorted to the temporary solution of discharging their wastewater into lagoons. GSDC planned to operate the wastewater network of the industrial area, and establish a treatment and discharge system.

GSDC contracted Environics to investigate the possible treatment and disposal options of the industrial wastewater discharged from the paper-mill, and provide a design for the selected treatment and disposal option.

Environics first assessed the compliance of the discharge from the paper-mill with the relevant decrees and regulations. This involved investigating the mill’s production processes, analyzing its wastewater, and recommending actions to ensure the compliance of the water with the environmental regulations.

Environics then undertook a series of tasks, which included:
– Developing the basic design of the recommended wastewater treatment unit
– Developing the basic design for extending the wastewater network to the location of the wastewater treatment unit, and onwards to the discharge wells
– Compiling the baseline data and preparing the documents to be submitted to the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation for obtaining the approval on deep well injection
– Preparing the tender documents for the wastewater treatment plants and network extensions
– Preparing the Environmental Impact Assessment study for the treatment unit and the deep well injection process

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