Assisting in Applying a Chemical Leasing (ChL) System


The Egyptian National Cleaner Production Center (ENCPC) was participating in promoting the Chemical Leasing approach through a project that aimed at demonstrating it as a business model. The then new and innovative tool of ChL was introduced to advocate the sustainable management of chemicals and to close the material cycles between suppliers and users of chemicals (“closing the loops”). ChL also aimed at shifting from the practice of “selling products” to “offering services”, with environmentally and economically sound benefits.

ENCPC contracted Environics to assist two companies, a supplier and a user, in applying a ChL system for recycling and closing the loop of solvent waste.

Based on the scope of the assignment, Environics assisted in the development of a Solvent Management System for the user company and a System for the Recycling Solvent Waste at the supplier company.

The assignment entailed the following:
– Conducing audits for the two companies
– Preparing a feasibility study that provided a cost-benefit analysis for the solvent management process
– Assisting the companies in applying the optimization measures and parameters for improving the efficiency of solvent waste management
– Preparing a feasibility study that provided a cost-benefit analysis for a small solvent waste recycling unit
– Identifying and formulating the system and required specifications for recycling solvent waste
– Assisting the supplier company in evaluating the offers for a recycling unit

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