Development of inspection and self-monitoring guidelines for Arab League countries


The Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAP) had assigned Environics the task of developing sector-specific inspection and self-monitoring guidelines for several industries and activities.

Environics developed these guidelines for a number of industries and activities, such as: cement; ceramics; dairy products; fabricated metals; fertilizers; beverages; confectionary; metallurgy; textile; fruits and vegetables; milling; motor vehicles; oil and soap; pulp and paper; industrial wastewater treatment, and steam-generating plants. Complementing this assignment was another task that EPAP requested, which was revisiting these guidelines to prepare them for common use among the Arab League countries.

Environics revised and tailored the previously-developed sector-specific inspection and self-monitoring guidelines for each industry or activity to suit the general requirements of the Arab League countries.. Each manual comprised the following main components:

– Description of the processes, systems, and technologies
– Impacts of resulting pollutants on the health and environment
– Relevant Egyptian laws and regulations
– Pollution abatement measures and cleaner production/technology options
– Sector-specific inspection
– Inspection planning at the inspectorate level
– Preparation for field inspection
– Performing field inspection
– Conclusions and reporting

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