El-Showeila Proposed Protected Area Presentation Workshop

  • Environics was previously assigned to prepare a study aiming at selecting and preserving an area to offset ‎the coastal area which was lost as a result of the construction of Burullus Power Plant, to be brought ‎under the management of the Northern Protectorates Department of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs ‎Agency (EEAA). ‎
  • The study was divided into two phases. Among the six potential offset areas proposed in the first phase ‎‎(the Scoping Report), the EEAA selected El Showeila offset area (Matrouh Governorate) for potential future ‎preservation. ‎
  •  Accordingly, the second phase of the study included detailed investigations of El Showeila coastal habitats ‎to assess in details the area potentiality as a protected area. EEAA requested to include the marine ‎environment facing the coastal area proposed for preservation to the protected area. However, As per ‎International Funding Institutions (IFIs) requirements, the objective of the study was to offset the coastal ‎habitats, which were lost due to the construction of the Burullus Power Plant. Therefore, marine surveys ‎were out of the scope of Environics’ assignment and were not performed. ‎
  •  In this respect, “Mainstreaming the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into the tourism development and operations in threatened ecosystems in Egypt” (The Project) has requested from Environics to participate in a workshop aiming at presenting ‎El Showeila study and findings to EEAA representatives in order to discuss the forthcoming steps required ‎to declare El Showeila a Protected Area, and fulfill, accordingly, one of the Project’s main targets.‎
  •  Environics scope of work included:‎
    • Preparing a presentation on El Showeila Offset Area study to display its main physical, biological and ‎socio-economic characteristics, ecological value, area potentialities and constraints and investigation ‎requirements to include the marine environment to the proposed protected area.‎
    • Respond to the queries raised by the workshop attendees; and
    • Participate in discussions concerning the way forward and forthcoming activities.‎

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