Environment, Heath and Safety Due Diligence (EHSDD) for a Factory, affiliated to a Company Specialized in Growing, Processing & Manufacturing Tea Related Products

  • Environics, in association with Environmental Resources Management (ERM), was commissioned to undertake an Environment, Health & Safety Due Diligence (EHSDD) for a factory (processing plant), affiliated to a company specialized in growing, processing and manufacturing tea related products which operates across countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and UAE, located in New Borg El-Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • The overall aim of the assessment was to provide a view on how the Company managed the EHS aspects associated with its operations.
  • The EHSDD encompassed a site visit to the processing plant, including interviews with the key personnel, field observations, and documents review, as well as assessment of the site’s EHS regulatory compliance and management systems in place, the sensitivity of the surrounding environment, and the potential environmental impacts resulting due to the site’s current and historical practices.
  • EHSDD report was developed, including: description of the site and operational details, aspects of EHS Management, Environmental Matters, as well as Occupational H&S Matters, and Soil & Groundwater Conditions. In addition, a qualitative evaluation of the company’s response to COVID-19 was carried out. The relevant findings results were presented.

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