Environmental & Social Audit for Overhead Transmission Line

  • Canal Sugar (CS) is in the process of implementing a project (Overhead Transmission Lines), that is considered an associated facility (AF) for the Integrated Beet Sugar Development Project (Beet sugar factory and land reclamation integrated facility).
  • To secure the electricity needs of the project, The Canal Sugar Integrated Project will be connected to 220 kV West Malawi Substation via 52 km double circuit Overhead Transmission Lines (OHTL), that will be constructed, owned, operated and maintained by the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC).
  • CS commissioned Environics to carry out an Environmental and Social (E&S) Audit for the Associated Facility.
  • Environics carried out the audit to review the E&S performance retrospectively for the completed construction activities against the following applicable E&S regulatory requirements including International Financial Institutions (IFIs) Standards and local regulation requirements:
  • Applicable national environmental and social (including occupational health and safety) legislation
  • IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability, 2012
  • Moreover, to acknowledge the implemented E&S management measures during construction activities, the audit addressed the 33 kV OHTL, that will constructed within CS land to connect to the AF 220 kV OHTL with CS factory, farm and other project utilities, although it is not considered as AF.
  • The environmental and social performance of the AF 220 kV OHTL (already constructed) and the 33 kV OHTL (almost completed) has been assessed through reviewing the project related documents supplemented by telephone interviews with the Canal Sugar personnel, EETC personnel and PAPs  
  • An Audit report was prepared including: project description, audit objective, limitations, and approach, and the relevant environmental and social regulatory requirements. It provided, as well, the results, conclusion and recommendations.

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