Regulatory and Contractor’s Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) Review

  • Dredging International nv commissioned Environics to carry out a regulatory and Contractor’s Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) review, an integrated part of the global Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Plan.
  • Environics carried out the review and prepared the study report that encompassed:
    • An Environmental Legal Register that described the Egyptian Environmental and Safety Regulatory Framework relevant to the potential environmental aspects resulting from the project activities. The register included:
      • The environmental aspect
      • The relevant project activities
      • Indication of the applicable legal requirement and the article numbers
      • Recommended actions to comply with the legal requirements, and
      • Potentially responsible department for implementation.
    • Comments on the CEMP: Environics reviewed the CEMP in light of the project’s ESMS development requirements. For each environmental aspect addressed in the CEMP, the following issues were provided:
      1. The applicable regulation
      2. The text of the relevant regulations
      3. The implementation requirements
      4. Specific location aspects/sensitivities, if any, that need to be taken into considerations
    • Proposed EMP structure: Environics proposed a template for EMP structure, and that to include: an introduction encompassing the purpose and the scope of the EMP, Project Overview, the Policy, Legal and Administrative Framework, Roles and Responsibilities, as well as the Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures, Training Requirements, Monitoring and Review, record keeping, and EMP review.
  • In addition, The International Relevant Conventions to which Egypt is signatory were annexed in the report.

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