Preparation of Environmental Register for Siemens Service Center, SIDC Area, Sokhna

  • Siemens AG commissioned Environics to prepare the Environmental Register (ER) and hazardous materials and wastes register for its operational service center within SIDC area, Sokhna.
  • The register was prepared in accordance with the contents addressed in Annex (3) of the Executive Regulations of Law 4/1994 modified by Law 105/2015.
  • Environics scope of work encompassed the following:
    • Document Review:

Environics reviewed the provided information and those addressed earlier in the EIA of the Service Center (2018) to complete the registers.

    • Review of Relevant Egyptian Regulations

Environics reviewed and updated the applicable environmental legislations, as needed, to evaluate the compliance status.

    • Site Visit:

A site walkthrough was carried out to update the knowledge of the associated environmental aspects and the applicable monitoring plan.

    • Preparation of the Monitoring Plan

Based on the site visit, Environics formulated a monitoring plan of the environmental measurements and analysis that will be carried out periodically through a specialized lab.

  • The register was prepared, including two parts:

Part (1): The Environmental Status, including to following: General description of the service center (location, components, inputs, infrastructure), applicable environmental laws and regulation, emissions and wastes, and the environmental management plan.

Part (2): Hazardous Substances and wastes, including the following: Hazardous substances and their MSDS used in the center, as well as the types and quantities of Hazardous Wastes disposed and managed by the company, in addition to the Emergency plan for handling of hazardous substances and wastes.

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