EIA Study for the Tri-generation Station inside Danone Facility at Obour City

  • Energy and Contracting Solution (ECS), a company specialized in Electromechanical and Energy services, intends to construct and operate a Tri-generation power station within the boundaries of Danone Egypt facility in the industrial area of Obour City, to supply the facility with part of its need of Electricity, Steam and Hot Water to be used in the production processes.
  • ECS commissioned Environics to prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study for the proposed project in accordance with the Egyptian environmental legal requirements.
  • The scope of work encompassed: reviewing project data, conducting a field visit to the project site to gather information on the environmental aspects of the site and its surrounding activities, as well as locate the environmental measurements areas that will be conducted by an accredited lab.
  • Environics prepared the project’s scoped (B) EIA study that included: objectives and scope of the project, the relevant environmental laws and regulations, description of the project and its components, service units, and environmental aspects associated with the construction and operation activities, description of the baseline environment of the project’s site, including: the physical environment, the biological environment, and the socio-economic environment, analysis of proposed alternatives, as well as assessment of the potential environmental impacts and the proper mitigation measures.  The study also included the framework of the Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan to monitor the project’s environmental performance and compliance.
  • Moreover, Environics provided technical support during the review period of the study by EEAA.

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