Scoped-B ESIA for Tires Production Project, Concrete Plus, Sokhna

  •  Economic Zone (SCZone) in Sokhna. The project, executed in three phases, aims to achieve a total annual tire production capacity of seven million by 2032. Environics, a consulting firm, provided vital services:
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) – Scoped B: Environics conducted a comprehensive ESIA study complying with Egyptian regulations and IFC standards. It assessed environmental impacts, recommended mitigation measures, and highlighted positive aspects such as self-sufficiency and job creation.
  • GHG Emission Quantification: Environics quantified greenhouse gas emissions across the project’s phases, adhering to GHG Protocol standards. The report focuses on Scopes 1 and 2 emissions, aiding informed environmental management.
  • Flash Flood Risk Assessment: Environics conducted a thorough assessment of flash flood risks, identifying hazards and proposing protective measures. The study considered topography, geology, meteorology, and hydrology, recommending stream redirection as the primary safeguard.

These studies provide valuable insights to help Concrete Plus make informed decisions and promote sustainable practices for its tire production project.

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