Environmental Impact Assessment for Shell Deep Water Drilling Activity in the Nile Delta Basin of the Egyptian Mediterranean Sea


On 18th May 2022, Shell (BG Delta Limited) and ExxonMobil signed a Farm-Out Agreement (FOA) to transfer 100% equity and operatorship of the North East El Amriya (Block 3) concession offshore Nile Delta to BG Delta. BG Delta Limited as operator would like to drill one exploratory well in the North East El Amriya Offshore Area concession (Block 3) in the offshore Nile Delta, Mediterranean Sea, namely the Mina West-1X well (MW), as shown in Figure 1. The drilling activity will be done by Shell

In the past, Environics provided comprehensive environmental services for three offshore drilling wells, including the Mina West-1X (MW), Oud, and Khufu wells, in designated concession areas in the Mediterranean Sea, offshore Egypt. Their services included conducting Form B Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), developing Environmental, Social, and Health Management Plans (ESHMPs) for MW, Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) for Oud and Khufu, and specialist studies. These services involved assessing environmental and social impacts, identifying mitigation measures, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Environics also addressed critical habitat assessment, fisheries assessment, GHG emissions quantification, and drill cuttings dispersion modeling for the projects. Their efforts aimed to facilitate environmentally responsible drilling operations while considering local communities, marine life, protected areas, and ecosystems.

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