ESIA Studies for Green Hydrogen/Ammonia Project in Ain Sokhna


Scatec commissioned Environics to prepare two separate Full ESIAs, both classified as Category (C), for the following components of the Green Ammonia Project that is to be developed in SCZone, Sokhna, Egypt:

  1. Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Production Area.
  2. Port Facilities and Ammonia Pipelines.

Environics is developing the two ESIAs in parallel, in accordance with the Egyptian environmental legal requirements, mainly Law 4/1994, amended by Laws 9/2009 and 105/2015, and its up-to-date executive regulations (ERs), as well as the International standards (mainly IFC and EBRD).

 The ESIAs will address the construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning phases for the above components, with the aim of obtaining the environmental approval from SCZone and the international development finance institutions (DFIs).

The scope of work  entails: reviewing and analyzing project information, as well as scoping meetings with the main stakeholders, and site surveys (ambient air, noise, and soil).

Each ESIA study report  includes:

 Introduction (Project importance and the scope of the ESIA).

 The legal and administrative framework by which the Project would abide and international applicable standards.

Description of the Baseline Conditions provided with illustrative maps, as needed.

The current environmental conditions at sites were reviewed.

Specialized studies including Flash floods Risk assessment and QRA of ammonia storage tanks at Sokhna port.

 Project description including: main & service units, inputs & products, resources & infrastructure.

 Identification and description of the environmental aspects during construction & operation phases (air emissions, noise & vibrations, wastewater management, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, spills & leaks, Occupational Health & Safety aspects, and potential risks).

 Analysis of project alternatives.

 Impacts identification and assessment, and the proposed mitigation measures.

 Outline of the Environmental & Social Management and Monitoring Plan.

 In addition, Environics will carry out one public disclosure meeting to discuss all the components and results of the  ESIA studies with the relevant stakeholders.

Technical support will be provided as well during the review period of the studies by SC Zone, and in responding to the DFI comments (if any).

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