EIA Study for the Extension of Egypt Global Silicates Co. in Attaka, Suez

  • Egypt Global Silicates intends to do extensions within the premises of its existing facility in Attaka Industrial Area, Suez, by adding 3 new furnaces for the production of both solid Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate through batch process, and also by increasing the production capacity of liquid Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate through the existing liquid Silicate production unit, as well as increasing the facility’s total power.  These products are mainly used in the manufacture of household hygiene products.
  • The company commissioned Environics to prepare an EIA Study (Scoped B) to analyze and assess the environmental aspects associated with the project construction and operation, to ensure that the project meets the Egyptian environmental legal requirements, and to obtain EEAA’s environmental approval.
  • After holding individual scoping meetings with the relevant authorities to discuss the study requirements, reviewing project information/ documents, and conducting a field visit to the site, Environics prepared the study that encompassed: an introduction on the project, the scope and objectives of the study, the project’s legal and administrative framework, the project’s description, inputs and outputs, description of the baseline environment in the project’s area, analysis of project’s alternatives, assessment of potential environmental impacts and the proposed mitigation measures, as well as the framework of Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

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