Development of Technical Environmental Conditions for Maintenance & Renovation of Marine ‎Walkways, Jetties & Other Light Beach Constructions in Egypt


The Mainstream Biodiversity into Tourism Project, in collaboration with the Egyptian ‎Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and its partners and stakeholders, is in the process of ‎developing environmental conditions for the maintenance and renovation of marine walkways, ‎jetties and other light beach constructions.‎

These conditions are to encourage a new administrative system that allows for establishing such ‎maintenance works upon notifying the concerned authorities, which will then be responsible for ‎proper follow-up. This approach will facilitate the maintenance processes essential for tourism ‎projects, while abiding by environmental requirements and stipulations. ‎

Environics was commissioned to develop these environmental conditions, which were prepared ‎based on a consultation methodology, and within the frameworks of national laws and ‎regulations, as well as international best practices.‎

The drafted document presenting the environmental conditions comprised:‎

  • Objectives, methodology and challenges.
  • ‎Terminology and Definitions.
  • Institutional and Legal Framework.
  • Cases to which the conditions should be applied.
  • Notification and Follow-up System.
  • Description of the maintenance and renovation works subject to the conditions.
  • Details of the proposed conditions (general and specific conditions)‎.
  • Recommendations for next steps.

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