Environmental Audit for Nile Cruisers


Spring Tours is one of the leading travel companies in Egypt that operates 12 vessels (floating hotels) and has acquired private docking areas in Luxor and Aswan. In order to enhance its environmental performance, Spring Tours decided to carry out audits for its floating hotels to investigate the possibility of achieving reductions in water and energy consumption and the generation of waste. Environics was commissioned to conduct the audit.

Environics carried out walkthrough investigations of the floating hotels and interviews with relevant crew members. The inspections covered all components of the floating hotels, including: engine rooms; wastewater treatment units; cabins; kitchens; restaurants; lounges; decks, and corridors.

The audit study discussed in detail and provided recommendations on the following aspects:
– Energy use and management
– Waste use and management
– Wastewater treatment and disposal
– Solid waste management

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