Environmental Consulting Services and Environmental Audit for the Rehabilitation Project in Cairo North Power Plant (CNPP)

  • Environics, in association with EHAF Consulting Engineers, was commissioned through the Joint Venture of Kyuden International Corporation and Oriental Consultants Co. Ltd, to provide environmental consulting services to Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC), in the project of rehabilitation and improvement of two units of gas turbines in the Cairo North Power Plant (CNPP).  The project is financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
  • Environics’ Scope of Work comprised meeting with the responsible entities and reviewing the implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) prepared by CNPP during the construction and operation stages of the project concerning the air emissions, noise and waste management, as well as reviewing the relevant documents: EIA for CNPP Combined Cycle 750 MW, Environmental and Social Plan, Technical Report about the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), and the outcomes of a questionnaire concerning the existence of continuous monitoring systems held in CNPP and reflecting the emission standards according to the Egyptian law.
  • Moreover, the scope of work included assistance in reviewing and updating the Implementation Plan (IP) of the existing Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMoP) of the project EPC.  Comments and updates regarding the different components were provided.
  • In addition, Environics prepared an environmental audit report for the project to fulfill the national requirement regarding reporting on the CNPP project progress from the environmental prospective during its construction stage.
  • The audit entailed reviewing the available project documents as well as observations during the conducted field visits.  Project limitations were presented, the environmental and social regulatory requirements and standards were summarized, the results of the environmental monitoring review, the concluding remarks, and recommendations were provided.

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