Exit Audit for an electrical appliances facility site


For the purpose of a proposed sale, an electrical appliances company commissioned Environics to carry out an exit audit for one of its former sites at the 10th of Ramadan industrial area.

The audit aimed to document the environmental status of the property and the general physical state at the time of departure, to ensure that the project closure phase is completed in terms of removal of potentially environmentally problematic equipment and materials and general clean-up, and to make sure that the company’s responsibilities are fulfilled regarding both local authorities and new owner.

The scope of work included:

• Review of previous-audit reports and documents related to the site.
• A site walkthrough that took into consideration the environmental aspects related to the facility past activities, and documented the current status of the site.
• Provision of the findings and recommendations to guide the client to implement the corrective actions.

The audit report encompassed: description of the site setting (Location, Geology, Hydrology and Hydrogeology), as well as description of the site and key findings and recommendations.

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