EIA for the addition of a new cosmetics production line within NCIC facility, Abou Rawash


El Nasr Co. for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC) was in the process of adding a new cosmetics production line within its existing factory boundary in the industrial area of Abu Rawash. Environics was commissioned to prepare a Low to Medium Risk EIA study for the proposed project.

Environics reviewed studies, reports and published research on the area as well as satellite imagery to obtain the necessary data.

The study comprised a description of the project, its components, the construction and operation phases, and the production processes of the proposed unit, as well as a description of the baseline environment, a summary of the relevant environmental laws and regulations, and an assessment of environmental impacts and appropriate mitigation measures.

Moreover, the study presented a framework for the Environmental Management Plan for the proposed new cosmetics production line to be integrated in the Environmental Management Plan of the facility, to ensure proper environmental performance.

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