HAZOP Study for the PET Facility at Sokhna Industrial Zone

  • The Egyptian Indian Polyester Company (EIPET) is constructing a PET facility at the Sokhna Industrial Zone.  The facility had acquired the environmental approval of EEAA in 2010.  According to the IFC requirements, a HAZOP study should be carried out for the facility.  EIPET commissioned Environics and Precision Consult to prepare the HAZOP study.
  • To ensure a sustainable system, EIPET assigned a company team to cooperate with the HAZOP team of Environics.
  • Environics started the assignment with conducting a HAZOP Introductory Session and a HAZOP Analysis Workshop for the company team.
  • The HAZOP study was then conducted and a final report was prepared, which included:
    • Overview of the facility, components, inputs and outputs.
    • Applied methodology, project brief, and complete set of HAZOP sheets.
    • Complete list of actions in sequential order.
    • Prioritized actions list.
    • Summary of findings & recommendations.

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