Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Organization & Competence Assessment for IEOC – Eni in Egypt

  • IEOC had launched a program to enhance its HSE organization and raise the competencies of its HSE & non-HSE staff.
  • The company aimed to improve the HSE culture, HSE leadership, and HSE competency in IEOC and its joint venture companies.
  • ERM and Environics were commissioned to conduct a review to assess the role, structure and size of HSE organization, as well as the HSE accountability within and outside of the HSE team.
  • The assignment entailed interviewing and meeting with HSE professional, non-HSE supervisors and managers to assess their competency.
  • Several field visits and audits of the operating sites Aguiba and Petrobel, both on and offshore, were carried out.
  • Auditing of the onshore sites included assessing the HSE performance and practices adopted during the construction works of production lines.
  • The process of field inspection also addressed the drilling rig sites, which were totally managed by contractors, to assess their performance, as part of the management review.
  • Activities at the drilling sites included drilling, and installation, transfer, and dismantling of rigs.
  • The final report identified the gaps in competencies and needs for improvement.

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