Investigation of cross contamination between iron oxide and raw sugar at Sokhna Port

  • Among the several industrial activities exist within the premises of Sokhna Port are a sugar refinery, which imports raw sugar via the port, and an iron and steel mill that was planning to import iron oxide pellets.
  • DP World Sokhna, the marine terminal operator, commissioned Environics to investigate potential cross contamination impacts between the two raw materials that may be caused by dust migration.
  • The handling processes of the raw materials and the port’s layout were studied.
  • The potential emission sources from both materials were identified and their emission factors estimated.
  • Environics then conducted modeling of the potential dispersion of dust resulting from handling the two materials.
  • Meteorological mathematical modeling was used to provide the meteorological input data to the dispersion model, hourly emission rates for both materials were calculated, and dispersion mathematical modeling was employed to calculate the potential volumes to be deposited.
  • Based on the results, Environics made recommendations concerning the handling processes of both raw materials.

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