Initiation of a Waste to Energy (WTE) Business Line

  • ENTAG, an independent Egyptian engineering firm specialized in providing quality environmental services, planned a waste management initiative that involved two projects.  The first was concerned with thermal combustion of rice straw for generation and supply of steam and/or electricity to interested clients, while the second focused on thermal combustion of waste rejects for electricity generation and supply to the National Grid.  ENTAG conducted a preliminary electricity market study describing the current private sector electricity generation and requirements, as well as the options for connection to the National Grid. The waste management initiative involved manufacturing certain parts of the energy generation equipment at ENTAG’s workshop in El-Obour Industrial Zone.
  • Environics conducted an audit to assess the compliance of ENTAG workshop in El-Obour Industrial Zone with the national laws and regulations of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS).  The Compliance Assessment Report identified areas of noncompliance and recommended improvement measures.  Consequently, Environics also prepared an outline for an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for ENTAG’s workshop.  The outline summarized the environmental aspects of concern, which were detailed in the Compliance Assessment Report; proposed the main and most important sections of a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policy; suggested a documentation system; presented the main components of hazardous materials, waste management, and emergency plans, and advised on key training topics.  The EMP also included a self-monitoring plan, which discussed the monitoring aspects and provided a preliminary monitoring cost estimate.  Environics additionally analyzed and advised on the workshop’s electricity generation options.

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