Industrial Wastewater Management Treatability Study for Delta Electrical Appliances (DEA) Plant

  • Delta for Electrical Appliances (DEA) facility located in 10th of Ramadan, manufactures refrigerators and washing machines. The industrial processes of the plant involve usage of chemicals causing contamination of its industrial wastewater.
  • DEA commissioned Environics to undertake the following:
    • Investigation of the Wastewater characteristics.
    • Conduct a treatability study to identify the optimum alternatives that lead the facility to compliance with the requirements of Decree 44/2000 concerning wastewater discharge to the public sewage system.
    • Identification of the feasible options of wastewater management including reuse.
    • Conceptual design of the feasible wastewater treatment alternative.
  • Before conducting the treatability tests, Environics prepared a report presenting the main wastewater characteristics including sources, amounts and pattern.
  • This was followed by a comprehensive sampling campaign to specify the detailed characteristics of different wastewater streams including surface treatment basins, painting cleaning basins, testing basins at the labs and the final wastewater at the discharge points.  These samples were analyzed and the treatability analyses were carried out.
  • Sampling, analysis and treatability study were carried out through the National Research Center (NRC), which was contracted and supervised by Environics and lead by a wastewater treatment expert.
  • The Industrial Wastewater Management and Treatability Study report was prepared.  It encompassed: the methodology, technical details of the treatability study, wastewater amounts, selection of the criteria of treatment alternatives, sampling and analysis, and analysis results.  It identified as well the recyclable wastewater streams and provided conclusions and recommendations.

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