Opportunities for Renewable Energy (RE) & Energy Efficiency (EE) at a Tourism Resort Hurghada

  • A tourist resort management company has been working on investigating various alternatives to realize environmentally sustainable business through assessing its facilities’ environmental performance in terms of resources management and conservation, with particular focus on EE.
  • Environics was requested to investigate the opportunities for RE applications and EE alternatives, with particular focus on using groundwater as a renewable cooling resource.
  • Based on a site visit to the premises, Environics provided a description of the environmental and energy setting at the site, comprising: energy consumption and policy, measures for RE and EE, and recommendations for steps forward.
  • This was included in a report, which addressed the potential for use of groundwater as a renewable source within the central air conditioning system.
  • The report also presented other EE alternatives that could be implemented, namely using heat from the steam boilers for water preheating purposes.

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