Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for a land plot in Alexandria

  • A leading global agribusiness and food company commissioned Environics to perform Phase I Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) for 10 acres land plot in area in Alexandria for the purpose of building a warehouse to store grains (wheat, yellow corn & soybeans).
  • Environics carried out the site assessment according to the ASTM Standard E 1527-13 (Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments). The relevant environmental aspects that were assessed included: Soil, Groundwater and Ambient air.  Assessment did not entail doing any measurements or sample analyses.
  • The assessment activities, that focused on identifying and characterization of significant potential environmental liabilities associated with past and current activities taking place at the site location or from off-site sources, encompassed the following:
    • Meeting with Client representatives.
    • Review of available historical, geological, hydrogeological and topographical data of the area;
    • Site inspection including a site walk-over;
    • Documentation of visual observations of areas of environmental concern, and;
    • Outlining key findings and conclusions.
  • Based on the site assessment, key environmental issues of concern and their significance are identified and recommendation for further characterization of the nature and extent of potential contamination are made.

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