Pre-feasibility Study on Hazardous Waste Management in Greater Cairo


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland financed conducting a pre-feasibility study on hazardous waste management in Greater Cairo, as part of the bilateral and grant-based cooperation between Egypt and Finland.

The study was to provide an independent assessment and recommendations for the Egyptian authorities on how to proceed with hazardous waste (HW) management in the region of Greater Cairo. The study was to also assess the possible investment needs of Nasreya HW plant in Alexandria. A consortium of three companies: Ramboll Finland Oy, Ecolabel Partnership, and Environics, was assigned to carry out the pre-feasibility study.

The study, which was based on field visits and review of relevant documents, started with an overview of the situation of HW in the Greater Cairo area. This overview included a brief on HW quantities; analyses of the capacity of treatment and the institutional and organizational preparedness at the time; conclusions of the situation of HW management, and an assessment of implementation alternatives.

The study then provided a detailed discussion of the financing, ownership, and operation of HW management investments and projects, and presented recommendations for HW management in the area of concern.

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