ESIA for a fertilizers plant, Al-Amereya


The National Company for Fertilizers and Chemicals had planned to establish a plant for manufacturing Potassium Sulphate and Ammonium Sulphate fertilizers, to the west of Cairo-Alexandria Highway, in al-Amereya, Alexandria. The company commissioned Environics to carry out the EIA required for this project.

Environics conducted field visits and document reviews to prepare the EIA, which covered the construction and operation phases of the project. The project comprised: production units, utilities, such as boilers, cooling towers, workshops, electricity turbines, and storage facilities, as well as industrial water and wastewater treatment units.

The EIA entailed an extensive environmental baseline study, which included an investigation of the air quality in the project’s site that employed air dispersion modeling for simulating the emissions caused by surrounding factories.

The baseline study also described the project’s location and land use; the geological, hydrogeological and morphological characteristics; and the biological and social environments.

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