Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for Sokhna Port Jetty and Tank Farm of Basin 3

  • As part of the ESIA, a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) was carried out in order to identify the potential risks associated with the SONKER tank farm to draw conclusions about the acceptability of the offsite risk exposure.  The QRA focused on potential hazards associated with the different processes within the jetty and tank farm.
  • Since the Egyptian regulations did not have clear criteria for QRA studies, International systems have been reviewed regarding the type and scope of hazard to be included in QRA calculations.
  • To carry out the QRA, Environics described the facility location and operation, as well as the meteorological conditions in Sokhna area; identified the hazards and the hazardous scenarios associated with the project; conducted frequency assessment and consequence modeling; determined risk criteria, and assessed and calculated risks; and recommended risk reduction measures.  QRA’s findings were addressed in the EIA.

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