Review of Biodiversity Impact Assessment and Biodiversity Management Plan for PICO Concessions, Northern Red Sea

  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) were considering providing a loan to Cheiron Finance Limited (CFL), a company in the wider PICO International Petroleum Group (PIP) for a planned investment, which foresees a number of activities at Egyptian fields in the license areas of Zaafarana, Amal, and Geisum and Tawila West, including installing new or strengthening existing platforms, laying new flow-lines, installing new oil process facilities, drilling of new wells and several well work-over activities.
  • Environics was commissioned to review the Biological Impact Assessment Studies prepared by D’Appolonia for PICO Concessions at the Northern Red Sea to ensure their fulfilment of the EBRD and IFC relevant requirements and standards.

Review of Biodiversity Impact Assessment, Phase I & II (2015):

  • D’ Appolonia’s study (Phase I & II) was based on a thorough literature review, in preparation for carrying out Phase III.  It included a desktop review of biodiversity baseline conditions in the three license areas, and a preliminary identification of existing habitats and species.
  • Environics assignment entailed:
    • Review of defining the project’s Area of Influence (AoI),
    • Defining information gaps in the AoI, and
    • Review of the proposed surveys.

Review of Biodiversity Impact Assessment, Phase III (2016):

  • D’Appolonia’s study included a comprehensive description of biodiversity in the project’s area of interest, based on detailed field and marine surveys, and the results of a full biodiversity impact assessment, identifying mitigation measures & drafting management plans.
  • Environics assignment entailed:
    • Comprehensive technical review of the study, including provision of technical comments;
    • Comprehensive review of the risk assessment and control measures including provision of technical comments, and
    • Provide consultancy concerning the comments through continuous discussion as needed, until issuance of final report.

Review of Biodiversity Management Plan (2016):

  • PICO has commissioned Environics to review the Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) prepared by D’Appolonia as well, targeting the same three concession areas.
  • The review aimed at assessing the importance and feasibility of the biodiversity management strategy, mitigation measures and monitoring program; proposed suitable arrangements, including personnel from PIP/JV to ensure implementation of the proposed actions; and proposed external entities able to undertake actions that cannot be carried out by PIP/JV personnel.
  • Environics analyzed, commented & categorized the proposed mitigation, management and monitoring measures using a set of principles and Evaluation Criteria (EC), and consequently proposed some adjustments to the Monitoring Program.

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